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Are You A History Buff? Come To Maryland


My home state is rich in historical information, museums and sites. It sits just south of the infamous Mason-Dixon line, the front of the US Civil War. There are many types of historical sites you may be interested in. Some people prefer to just walk the Civil War trails and visit all the battlefields where blood was shed. Others want to know all about the Underground Railroad. And still others want to learn all about military history, visit the naval academy, and tour the famous ships associated with wartime. I’ve put together a list that accomplishes a little bit of everything. I’m sure you are bound to be interested in one of these places. So, check them out!

antietam-140324_1280Antietain National Battlefield – this important battlefield is part of one of our National Parks. On September 17, 1862, the battle at Antietain became the bloodiest battle in American history, with over 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded or missing. Visit the museum and the Fry House Field Hospital. If you are up to it, rent a self guided audio tour and walk the8-½ miles of historical sites. The park is also a beautiful place to hike and take in the sites.

B&O Railroad Museum- located in downtown Baltimore, the B & O Railroad Museum site is the “birthplace of the American Railroad.” Visit the museum and view 19th and 20th century trains and railroad equipment. Rides are available for adults and children and special events are hosted throughout the year.

Historic St. Mary’s City- located in St. Mary’s, this historical city is like stepping back into 17th Century Colonial times. Visit the historical museum and plantation house. The gardens are tended and grow food from back in those times. See how plants are cultivated, and livestock was tended to. You may board the Maryland Dove, a boat that carried settlers to America. There are events year round, so check their website in order to plan your perfect trip!

Underground Railroad Sites- the slave trade was a black mark and dark part of American History. There are sites around Maryland that pay respect to those who suffered during that time, and those who risked their lives getting others to safe places in the North. Harriet Tubman was a key part in this “Underground Railroad” a secret way of moving enslaved people from the South to the north. You may visit this national Park, dedicated to Harriet Tubman and the UndergroundRailroad. Drive the 125-mile byway, with scenic overlooks and over 24 historical sites to visit along the way. For information and a complete listing of all Underground Railroad historical sites, visit this site

USS Constellation- this was the original ship built in the Baltimore shipyard in the Constellation Series. This ship sailed to the West Indies, Mediterranean and Mexico on missions. Today, the boat is restored and you may walk to old decks and explore the inner workings of this amazing boat. In fact, there are other ships that are floating museums, located next to the USS Constellation. Check them out here for tickets, schedules and information.



Whether you are looking for peace and quiet mixed with old world charm, or the hustle bustle of a big city or the quiet shores call your name…maybe you love history and want to know more, or you prefer cultural festivals and sporting events, we have it all. So join me on my blog as I take you around the great state of Maryland.

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