F.A.Q. About Maryland


You’ve got questions about Maryland, I have the answers. I’ve tried to cover the most frequent ones here, and I hope they help you on your journey!

When is the best time to visit? 

This is really a matter of personal preference, depending on what’s important to you. The peak travel season is July and August. The weather is hot and humid, and averages in the high 80s during the day, and mid 60s at night. Because it’s peak tourist season, hotels book up fast, as do tickets to events. If you plan on coming during the summer, make your plans several months in advance. Also, this is the most expensive time to come. If you prefer milder temperatures, spring and fall are also good times to visit. Spring temperatures are usually in the 60s. It’s a good time for hiking and biking, but may be cold along the coast. The fall is nice to visit, especially if you enjoy the foliage changes. Temperatures are between 40-60s. Winter is the least expensive time to visit. It can be quite cold, usually less than 30 degrees, but if you bundle up, you should be fine. Places in the Western Mountains are open, but keep in mind that businesses by the coast may be closed for the season.


  • How close is Baltimore to Annapolis? annapolis-237073_1280

It’s about 40 minutes away by car.


  • How close is Baltimore and Annapolis to Washington, D.C.? 

Baltimore is a little over an hour away and Annapolis is about 50 minutes away. There are plenty of ways to travel in between the cities. Many people drive a rental car, but the traffic can be brutal, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours. Public buses and trains are a convenient, affordable and stress free experience. For schedules and more information visit this site.


  • I’ve heard Baltimore is not safe. Is this true? 

Baltimore, like any big city, has its share of crime and problems. I would recommend safe practice here, as if you were traveling anywhere. Be aware of your environment, stay in groups. Do not walk alone at night, especially through park areas. Keep valuables safe and locked. Do not place items of value within site, whether on your person or in your car. Generally, the tourist areas are well lite, and patrolled by police. Little Italy. Fells Point, Inner Harbor, and Mount Vernon are considered safe. Most murders, assaults are drug related and occur in parts of the city where criminal activity occurs. If you stay in the populated places, you should be fine.


  • Are there other things to do in Maryland that aren’t covered in this blog? 

Why of course! And because I am the writer, I put things in here that are of interest to me. There are many their fairs and festivals I haven’t mentioned. For example the Renaissance Festival. There are great craft breweries here and you could certainly tour those. We also have some wineries if you are looking for that. And Maryland has many famous restaurant and dessert/bakeries. In fact a few of them have been featured on national food networks.  There’s so much here, you just have to see for yourself! 





Whether you are looking for peace and quiet mixed with old world charm, or the hustle bustle of a big city or the quiet shores call your name…maybe you love history and want to know more, or you prefer cultural festivals and sporting events, we have it all. So join me on my blog as I take you around the great state of Maryland.

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