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My Top 5 Recommendations You Must Do When In Maryland


 Okay, so you know the old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do?” I know, it’s an archaic and cliché thing to say, but in this case, I’m pulling out the stops!  As a native Marylander, I have strong opinions about what I think are the best things to check out when you come for a visit. You are coming, aren’t you? Good! It’s settled. Here are my personal top 5 favorite things to do in my home state. I promise you’ll love them, too!


  • American Indian Cultural Center and PiscatawayIndian Museum- these native people of the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas date back more than 16,000 years ago. They are active in educating the community about their history, present and future in inspiring ways. You may visit this special place, and learn some of the native dances of the people. You will participate and have so much fun while you are learning about the people. Documentary videos are available to watch. They even have a blog on their website that talks about native foods, culture and events.


  • Annapolis-Well, since I already spilled the beans in my bio that I am in fact from Annapolis, it should come as no surprise that this is on my list! So’ I’ll delve a little deeper into the areas of Annapolis you should visit. The first area I’d like to mention is The City Dock. This is probably the most popular place to gather. There are restaurants, shops and some entertainers out along the dock for your pleasure. Watch the boats come in and out. There’s plenty to do here and fun for all ages. Second, visit West Street. This is the place to go if you are looking for arts and entertainment. Small pubs and restaurants feature live bands. This is great place to check out the art galleries. Next is Maryland Avenue. Our gorgeous State Capital Building is located here. It’s definitely worth a visit! Another quiet spot is West Annapolis. Here you will fine neat, 20th century homes and tree lined streets. This is also a nice place to search for cute shopping boutiques and specialty shops. And finally, East Port. If you have an interest in the local fishing industry, head there and visit the Maritime Museum. The boatyard is located there, too along with some great little seafood places to grab a light lunch. Also, visit the US Naval Academy! The grounds are stunning. Walking tours are available in non-restricted areas.


    • Assateague Island-this is a must do if you love the beach and nature. This is one of our barrier islands, and patrolled by the U.S Fish and Game Service. If you are looking for a peaceful place to swim, this is it. The beaches have lifeguards on duty. Take a break from the beach and hike around the forested trails. Or, salt water fish right from the shore. The most impressive part for me is the free roaming Assateague wild horses! They are so beautiful. If you are lucky, you will se them during your visit.


  • Carrol County Farm Museum- this is one of my favorite things to do when my nieces come to visit. Take a step back in time and see this 140-acre working farm operate. Children have the opportunity to learn about farm life and the various farm animals like sheep, pigs, cows and others. Informational classes are offered and they sponsor year round events such as wine tastings and a civil war reenactment, just to name a few examples. Pack a picnic lunch and spend the day!


  • Ocean City Boardwalk-if you are searching for a family day, Ocean City Boardwalk is where it’s at. Find a cozy spot along the shore and spend the day swimming in the Atlantic. Take a break from the sun and walk the boardwalk, filled with shops, tourist attractions and restaurants. It’s a great way to spend a day.


I hope you enjoy my suggestions! Maryland has so much to offer. I can’t wait to tell you more.



Whether you are looking for peace and quiet mixed with old world charm, or the hustle bustle of a big city or the quiet shores call your name…maybe you love history and want to know more, or you prefer cultural festivals and sporting events, we have it all. So join me on my blog as I take you around the great state of Maryland.

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