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There’s A Festival For Everyone in Maryland



I don’t know about you, but I love festivals! I have memories of going to some of the art festivals during the fall, running through the leaves while enjoying a yummy caramel apple. Here are a few of my favorites!



  • Fells Point Privateer Festival- this takes place every spring in Baltimore. Join friends and neighbors enjoying a living history demonstration, live music and dancing, arts, crafts and foods. There are “pirate” themed cruises available from the dock area and a pub-crawl for adults during the evening. 
  • Maryland Faerie Festival- travel to Darlington for this special and unique celebration of all things magical. From faeries, magic, storytelling and arts and crafts. Everyone is encouraged to wear costumes, but it’s not mandatory. Live performances and music are part f the celebration. Cabins and camping sites are available if you wish to make a weekend of it.



  • Chesterton Tea Party Festival- This one is my favorite! Rumor has it, that back on the day when Bostonians threw their tea into Boston Harbor, the folks on the Chester River did the same thing in solidarity. This festival reenacts that day. Also, a 5k race is run in the morning, followed by live entertainment, food and craft vendors and even a raft race down the river. It’s s fun way to spend the day with family and friends. 
  • Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival- travel to the Howard County Fairgrounds for a day of sheepishly good fun. Watch contests around best sheep photography, youth awards and many others. Learn how to knit, crochet and spin wool. Live musicians playing the banjo, bagpipes and mandolins roam the grounds. Fair style food is available along with all kinds of grilled lamb.



    • Darlington Apple Festival- This place has the best caramel apples! I can still taste the sticky sweet caramel and the crunchy fresh apple taste…yum! Along with apples, there is a craft and art show, plenty of bbq treats and live entertainment.

  • Autumn Glory Festival- this is a multi-day event. Join the community at the farmers market. Craft shows, art, pumpkin racing, an Oktoberfest dinner, parades and a charitable ball all take place in four days in October. 


  • There’s plenty to do in winter in Maryland. Try skiing in the Western Mountains. Go ice-skating in one of the indoor ice arenas. Or make your way to the Gaylord Convention Center and marvel at the huge and impressive ice sculptures on display. A winter wonderland for everyone!

Well, I hope this gives you some ideas when you are in Maryland. These festivals are truly a great time for adults and kids. Check them out.




Whether you are looking for peace and quiet mixed with old world charm, or the hustle bustle of a big city or the quiet shores call your name…maybe you love history and want to know more, or you prefer cultural festivals and sporting events, we have it all. So join me on my blog as I take you around the great state of Maryland.

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